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Healthcare in Estepona


An EHC, (European Health Care) card is necessary to receive healthcare in Spain if you are just visiting, this is obtainable from the health service of your country of origin provided it is within the EU. Private doctors will not accept this card and either direct payment or an insurance policy is needed to cover these bills. Expats can receive healthcare for free provided that you are paying social security. The “Ambulatorio” is the equivalent of A&E in England this is situated more or less in the centre of town, the address is as follows:

Av. Juan Carlos I, S/N
29680 Estepona
Tel: 902 505 061

“Hospiten” is an international group of hospitals, one of which can be found in Estepona. It is a private hospital and they offer the highest level of care and a wide range of services. Hospiten can be found at:

C/ Partido De Velerín 340
29680 Estepona
Tel: 952 760 600


Pharmacies in Estepona are located all over the town; on the main high streets of Calle Real and Calle Terraza are the easiest locations to find. Opening ours depend on the season and of the individual pharmacy, in general pharmacies are open between 10.00-14:00 and 17:30-21:00. Pharmacies are able to diagnose common complaints and medicate them thereby reducing the need to consult a doctor. A few good pharmacies and their details follow:

Farmacia Optica Artacho
C/ Real 111, 29680 Estepona
Tel: 952 791 256

Farmacia Ldo. Rafael Perez Rodriguez
C/ Terraza 42, 29680 Estepona
Tel: 952 800 647

Healthcare in Estepona

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