Why it makes sense to use only one agent

At Terra Meridiana we ALWAYS search other agents listings to offer clients maximum choice. We are confident we can offer our clients 99% of properties on the market. We believe finding the right property for a client is of first and foremost importance and so we are happy to share fees with another agent who has the right property for our client.

Advantages of the Multi Listing System

In Spain, unlike most European countries, established real estate companies are part of networks sharing properties between them. This is great news for you, because rather than having to trawl around many different estate agents you can simply use the services of one person to access ALL properties.

At Terra Meridiana we ALWAYS search ALL listings to offer you maximum choice. We can access 99% of properties on the market using:

  • MLS (Multi Listing Systems) systems we pay to be members of
  • Our network of established contacts
  • Off market and discreet listings

We believe finding the right property for a you is of first and foremost importance. This is why we are always happy to work with another real estate company who has the perfect property for you.

How does it work?

  1. Find an agent that you like and trust
  2. Send this agent any properties online you have found you like
  3. Your agent will search far and wide to find the most appropriate properties based upon your requirements
  4. Agree a shortlist of properties with your agent
  5. Ask your agent to organise the appointments

Advantages of using one agent

  • Convenience
  • A success rate based on listening to you – you are more likely to find the right property with someone who knows and understands your requirements
  • Cost – The service is free! It costs no extra since agents share any resulting commission
  • Experience – our sales agents have a minimum experience of 15 years working in real estate
  • Enjoyment – we enjoy the challenge of finding the right property for you
  • Relax – Let us do the work
  • Maximum choice – Access all properties, even those not officially on the market
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