Insuring a property when renting

Whether you’re a tenant who rents a property under a long-term rental contract or a tourist renting a place for a few days, it makes good sense to be insured against any risks that may occur

While landlords are required to have insurance coverage for a property (the building per se) and its contents, Danni Worth, a founder and partner at the Marbella-based brokerage of Op de Beeck & Worth Insurance, advises that long-term tenants and tourists ensure they are properly covered for any losses incurred to personal property and against personal liability, just in case.

For long-term tenants, Danni strongly recommends that you buy home insurance that covers not only your own personal effects, but also the contents of the property and personal liability, both in respect of the landlord and any third parties. When doing so, inform your broker or insurer that you want coverage as a tenant, not the property owner, so you only pay for the items that belong to you.

For short-term tenants, and especially tourists, Danni suggests you make sure your travel insurance includes all your belongings and covers you in case of any personal liability while you’re in a rented property, as well as protecting you personally against any risks involving your travel arrangements and healthcare while you’re away on holiday.

At Terra Meridiana, we work with Op de Beeck & Worth Insurance for our personal needs and regularly refer clients to cover all kinds of risks, from personal property to health to travel insurance. If you’d like to get a quote, you can contact Danni Worth via email at: or call: +34 952 88 22 73.

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Insuring a property when renting long- and short-term

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