Choosing a builder

Once you have the plans for your build, you need to find a construction company to turn them into a reality.

Traditionally in Spain, once you have selected an architect and he or she has drawn up plans, you get quotes from two or three known, reliable builders for the construction work. We can help you with this process by providing a list of professional builders, according to the size and type of project you wish to undertake. If you have already found a builder, we would recommend you visit recent projects and talk to previous clients to ensure you are happy with the standard of their work.

It is common practice for your architect to provide builders with a bill of quantities (proyecto de ejecución), specifying the dimensions and requirements of your build. This not only ensures detailed quotes are received and the quality of materials is as specified in the plans, but also ensures that when comparing quotes you are comparing like with like.


Build costs vary significantly, depending on the plot, design, location, and materials specified, but prices per square meter range from 600€ for a very basic build to more than 2.000€ for more complicated projects.

If changes are made during the build, costs can fluctuate, so we recommend you always have a contingency fee of at least 10% of the estimated quote available to cover any modifications you may choose to make. Alternatively, you can negotiate a fixed fee, but this is unusual and only normally offered by specialist turn-key service providers.

Turn-key service providers

Another option is to contract a turn-key service provider who has sole responsibility for the build, provides a fixed price, and undertakes the build themselves or contracts the work to a preferred contractor directly.

Under Spanish law, every party involved in a build is held partially liable in case of claims, so the advantage of working with a turn-key provider is that, in case of conflict or other problems, you only have one defendant to sue.

Important points to consider

  • Ensure your builder has insurance to cover third-party claims and damages, and all workers on site are legally employed and insured.
  • Builders are generally paid monthly upon presentation of a certificate detailing work done during the period. Prior to payment, your architect should always confirm the work has been completed as certified, before you make payment.
  • We recommend clients include a penalty clause for delays, equivalent to the market price of renting an equivalent property per month, in their contract with their chosen builder.
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Choosing a property builder in Costa del Sol

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