Project management

Rarely employed in Spain on residential projects, a project manager can help ensure your build is delivered on time and to budget.

Project managers are normally technical architects or building professionals with extensive experience who act on the client’s behalf from tender to completion. As a rule, they visit the site on a weekly basis to meet with the architect, technical architect, and builder, and are responsible for communications with the client.

If you live abroad or travel frequently, employing a project manager may be a worthwhile investment, depending on the complexity of the build, your expectations, and budget. Terra Meridiana can advise you on suitable project managers tailored to the size and complexity of your project, please contact us for more information. We recommend you only work with seasoned professionals with relevant experience and qualifications.


Project managers work on a similar basis to architects and normally charge a variable fee, based on the value of the total build. Fixed fees can be negotiated in some cases.

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Project management in Costa del Sol

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