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Room for 17,000 more homes to be legally built in Marbella

Isabel Pérez, Marbella’s councillor for town planning, says that, in spite of recent rulings by Spain’s Supreme Court that forced the town to revert to its 1986 plan, development is progressing as usual


In November 2015, a series of decisions by the Supreme Court declared Marbella’s 2010 town plan (Plan General de Ordenación Urbana, PGOU) null and void, leaving thousands of homes built since the previous PGOU was passed in 1986, in planning limbo.

Now, Isabel Pérez, who was appointed last June, and her team in the town planning department have revised the 1986 PGOU in line with the Andalusian Territorial Organisation Plan (Plan de Ordenación del Territorio de Andalucía) and confirmed there is still space for an additional 17,000 homes to be built legally in Marbella.

The land available is spread across the whole municipal area and, for the most part, is designated for the development of low-density, single-family dwellings. This is particularly positive news in light of the high demand for high-quality, contemporary residences in Marbella.

Pérez admitted that adapting Marbella’s 1986 PGOU to the Andalusian Law of Urban Organisation (Ley de Ordenación Urbanística de Andalucía, LOUA), which was passed back in 1996 and has been modified since, will take 12 months to complete.

The Town Council’s planning department is already working on a new PGOU for Marbella which Pérez expects will take a minimum of three years to produce and pass. The aim is to include as many of the homes as possible that were built after 1986 and may not be in compliance with the existing plan.

“Investors still consider Marbella to be a spearhead in Europe,” Pérez said, “because they look for areas that are in demand and Marbella is always among them. I’m confident that we will always be there.”

By Adam Neale | Property News | March 25th, 2016

Room for 17,000 more homes to be legally built in Marbella

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