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Check if your property is on Marbella’s 1986 town plan

Following the recent Supreme Court rulings that overruled Marbella’s 2010 urban planning guidelines leaving over 16,500 homes in legal limbo, you can use this online tool to find out if a property may be affected.


Marbella’s Territorial Information System (better known as SITMA, after its acronym in Spanish) provides all those interested in local regulations – which is a lot more people, all of a sudden – with a means to consult the planning status of properties within the municipality.

Available solely in Spanish, SITMA lets users select from a choice of customisable tools with which to view a zoomable map of the municipality. These include a list of overlay layers that include both the approved plan which dates back to 1986 (PGOU-86) and the recently overruled planning regulations from 2010, permitting comparisons between both.

Last updated in October 2014, SITMA’s mapping is based on a 2012 aerial image of the municipal area, showing topography and other features, and can be used both from desktop computers and mobile devices.

If you are using SITMA to check the status of a property, it’s worth bearing in mind the following warnings, should a dispute arise: data provided by the system is not binding and should be confirmed as accurate and up-to-date with the information held by the Town Council.

And, the site notes, information from the PGOU-86 is still being incorporated to SITMA. So, if you are in doubt about any details concerning your property, or one you’re thinking of buying, the best advice is to visit the planning department of Marbella’s Town Council to compare your paperwork with theirs.

By Adam Neale | Property News | November 13th, 2015

Check if your property is on Marbella’s 1986 town plan

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