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Estepona’s New Beat: How Starlite’s Concert Venue Amplifies Investment Interest

Estepona has long captivated visitors with its natural beauty and traditional charm on the sun-kissed shores of Spain’s Costa del Sol. Now, a new rhythm fills its streets, enhancing its ongoing period of cultural and financial growth. The catalyst for this change? The expansion of the Starlite Festival to Estepona is a move that promises to amplify not just the city’s artistic scene but also its allure as a prime location for real estate investment.

Starlite Festival

The Starlite Phenomenon

Starlite Festival, an iconic cultural event in Marbella, has been a beacon of music, art, and philanthropy since its inception in 2012, emerging from a musical event organized by Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Julio Iglesias, and Plácido Domingo back in 1983. Renowned for its exclusive auditorium in the Nagüeles quarry, the festival offers a unique blend of intimate concerts, fashion, and gastronomy. Its expansion into Estepona announced for 2024 marks a significant milestone, promising to transform the city into a cultural hotspot.

Starlite’s New Mega Venue

The Starlite firm is set to expand its cultural footprint with a new multi-purpose venue in Estepona, mirroring Marbella’s Cantera de Nagüeles but on a grander scale. This ambitious project, set beside Selwo Aventura Park and enveloped in greenery, boasts an impressive 15,000-seat auditorium, a hotel, a conference centre, a scenic lake, and an artificial quarry as a nod to its origins. Spanning over eleven hectares in La Panera, the development, already under Starlite’s ownership, also plans to enrich the community with a dance and singing school, enjoying strong support from the Estepona Town Hall.

Estepona’s Transformation

Once a quiet coastal town, Estepona has witnessed a surge in its economy and tourism sector. Starlite’s presence will boost the local economy through tourism and establish Estepona as a cultural epicentre. The festival’s reputation for attracting over 40,000 visitors and hosting an array of leisure activities and high-profile performances positions it as a significant player in the leisure and tourism industry in the Costa del Sol area​​.

Real Estate Renaissance

The Starlite effect on Estepona’s real estate market is expected to be significant. The influx of tourists, performers, and cultural enthusiasts will likely increase demand for residential and commercial properties. Investors can anticipate a rise in property values driven by Starlite’s enhanced prestige and global visibility. Estepona’s transformation into a vibrant, culturally rich city presents a golden chance for domestic and international investors to be part of a flourishing market.


Expanding the Starlite Festival to Estepona is a cultural milestone and a beacon of economic and real estate opportunities. As Estepona dances to this new beat, the town’s transformation into a sought-after destination for investors is inevitable. The fusion of culture, music, and art brought by Starlite is set to create a symphony of opportunities, making Estepona a key player in the region’s real estate market. As the curtain rises on this new chapter, Estepona awaits those ready to embrace its vibrant future.

By Adam Neale | Property News | January 3rd, 2024

Estepona’s New Beat: How Starlite’s Concert Venue Amplifies Investment Interest

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