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Immigrating to Spain, what nationals in and outside EU need to be aware of

EVERY year thousands of people take the decision to set up home in Spain.
But what should you be aware of before taking the plunge? Below we have provided some useful information for every potential new purchaser of a property in Spain.

Firstly it must be pointed out that the requirements are different for EU and non EU nationals.

Immigrating to Spain

If you are from an EU country then you are free to stay in Spain as a tourist for up to three months.

After this time however you must apply for an EU Registration Certificate from the nearest National Police Station.

To do this you will need your passport and a census certificate (empadronamiento) which you get after registering with your local Town Hall.

Since April 24 there has also been a change in the requirements for becoming a resident – bringing EU and non-EU foreigners more in line – meaning you now also need to show you can support yourself (and any family) financially and that you have health insurance.

If any of your relatives are non-EU citizens they will also need apply for a Community Member Family Card.

Those eligible for this include children under 21 or those over 21 if they are economical dependant, the parents of the applicant if they are also economically dependant and the spouse or partner.

Meanwhile, non-EU foreigners can apply for any one of a number of residency permits from their nearest Consulate (with the exception of the Arraigo Social Permit which is obtained in the nearest Foreigners Office).

For all of these permits you will need to show a passport, medical and criminal record and that you haven’t entered the country illegally.

The permits available for non-EU nationals vary depending on your circumstances and include a one-year Non Lucrative Residence Permit, Employee Work and Residence Permit, Self-Employed Work and Residence Permit, Family Reunification Permit and the Arraigo Social Residence Permit, all of which have different requirements.

This article is based on interview with Blanca Loring abogados.

By Adam Neale | Property News | July 13th, 2012

Immigrating to Spain, what nationals in and outside EU need to be aware of

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