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Estepona town hall lowers local rates for 2021

In spite of the fact that the municipality’s income has dropped during this Covid year, the town hall of Estepona has announced a 20% drop in municipal rates for IBI (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) – the local property tax – and Basura, or the annual charge for the collection of rubbish.Estepona Town Hall Reduces IBI 2021

In addition to this saving, residents can count on another 3% discount if they make use of direct debit and pay early. In this way, the town hall will be shifting a €4,2 million gain to homeowners within Estepona’s municipal boundaries, in an effort to show solidarity with and assist residents, many of whom have been hit by the economic impact of the Covid-19 restrictions that have been in place for much of 2020.

The new rate applies to all property owners, regardless of whether they are registered in the town (empadronado) or not. It means that the average annual cost of this local tax will drop from €700 to €560, ensuring that more money stays in citizens’ pockets instead of being levied by local, regional and government departments. Estepona’s sound financial and economic management over the past few years makes this sensible move possible, and it once again shows a common sense attitude on the part of the mayor and his team.

The drop in rate notwithstanding, Estepona continues improving its infrastructure with public works – in many cases in areas not updated in decades – that include upgrading roads, pedestrian areas, parks, sewerage, electricity and more. Moreover, Estepona’s town hall is offering significant savings in road taxes to owners of electric and hybrid vehicles, in a drive to reduce pollution, noise and traffic nuisance. In an another admirable move, the mayor is also looking at initiatives that will lower the cost of access to cultural and sporting events for the elderly, handicapped, large families and long-term unemployed – ensuring that 2021 already starts with good news for the residents of Estepona.

By Adam Neale | Property News | December 2nd, 2020

Estepona town hall lowers local rates for 2021

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