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Estepona launches plan to support local economy

Like Marbella, the town hall of Estepona has recently announced an economic support plan designed to help local businesses and the local economy in general to overcome the negative effect of the Covid-19 crisis – and in particular the restrictions to business and tourism caused by the quarantine lockdown.Estepona-town

These restrictions are gradually being rolled back, but the process will not be complete before the beginning of July, when a sense of normality will finally return. As a result, much of the tourist season will be lost, so to aid businesses and in particular the restaurants, hotels and shops that will suffer periods of inactivity this spring and summer, the town hall is introducing a stimulus package worth 80 million euros.

Improving Estepona

Among the projects invested in are a new town hall building that will bring all the different municipal departments together in one place;over a thousand new parking spaces near the centre of town; the further beautification of another eleven streets in the historic quarter; a new water duct that will allow for rain wash to reach the sea without flooding; improved energy efficiency projects within the town; the painting of schools and other educational facilities; road works; the upgrading of the beachside promenade with the creation of pedestrian pathways leading inland following the path of rivers and streams; further improvements of the town’s sports facilities, and new residential projects that will modernise the housing stock available in Estepona.

These public and private projects, in addition to the completion of Estepona’s new hospital and the further updating of its infrastructure, will create jobs as well as stimulate the local economy, providing much-needed amenities in the process. In doing so, and having fought the central government to be allowed to do so, the town hall is taking the lead in reactivating the local economy and supporting businesses, innovation and the overall creation of jobs and economic diversification. It comes alongside a commitment to providing social support for those most in need of basic necessities. Fortunately, thanks to the efficient management of the town under Mayor José María García Urbano, Estepona has the reserves built up in recent years to push its plans forward in this proactive way.

By Adam Neale | Property News | May 25th, 2020

Estepona launches plan to support local economy

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