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Area Spotlight: Property around the marina and port in Estepona

Being quite large for a small town, the port at Estepona is the natural link between the old town and newer single-home neighbourhoods such as Seghers as well as a few other developments further west. It is also next to Playa del Cristo, by far and away the nicest beach in Estepona, both for its tranquil waters and eucalyptus trees.

The area referred to as “El Puerto”, more than just a harbour, is almost like a town in its own right, complete with new and old residential buildings, supermarkets, shops, bars, restaurants and the offices of architects, lawyers, and doctors to name but a few of the services available locally. And even though the port is somewhat removed from old town centre, it is where the majority of the summer nightlife is concentrated: if nightlife is dead or over at the port–a rare occurrence during summer–then nightlife is dead everywhere esle. There is also a market held on the docks every Sunday that is well attended by local families.

Traditionally Estepona’s economy was based on fishing (anchovy, sardine, and clams but also larger species) and agriculture (greens, lemons, medlars and, later, avocado), so perhaps one of the most picturesque aspect of the port is the still-thriving fishing operation. It is located mainly to the east of the marina although fishing and pleasure yachts are routinely moored next to one another. Near the fishermen’s equipment cabins is where early birds can watch the catch being unloaded, set on ice, and auctioned. The commercial side of the port is also where some of the best fish restaurants are located. Apart from offering excellent food, these restaurants are frequented by the fishermen themselves and local families, so it’s a good way to interact with the local population.

For its part the marina is quite large, with 447 berths from 8 to 47 meters. In 1994 it was the first marina in Andalusia to receive the Blue Flag environmental award, which it has kept ever since. Security is outstanding with 24-hour personnel and a camera network. Boat owners have access to a host of services such as dry docking, repairs, water, electricity, Internet, car parking, berth rental and sale office, the Yacht Club, and of course valet service for anything else they might require.

In short, the marina at Estepona is a vibrant and exciting meeting place for sailors and passers-by alike. Possibly one of the nicest feelings if you’re lucky enough to exit the harbour by boat is to look back at Estepona and see more and more of the magnificent Sierra Bermeja dominating the town as your distance from the shore increases.

By Eloise Horsfield | Property News | March 7th, 2011

Area Spotlight: Property around the marina and port in Estepona

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