Stage 1: Laying the foundations

Work began on the construction of Heaven 11 at the start of 2015. We started by clearing the site, moving earth, and building a series of stone-clad retaining walls to reach the desired elevation above the lower street level. This allowed us to create a flat, level base for the foundations. The next step was the installation of micropiles, at a depth of between 15 and 20 metres, to anchor the foundations to the underlying bedrock. Once these were in place, we dug perimetral trenches to drop in the surrounding formwork and attached the reinforcing mesh. We then began to pour concrete in the month of April, once the bad weather of the winter was over.

H11 2204151

H11 2204152

H11 2204153

H11 2204154

H11 2204155

H11 2204156