Villa Camoján: new-build, modern villa in Cascada de Camoján, Marbella

An amazing modern house of close to 3,000m2 including covered terraces. Occupying a unique position as the very last house in Camoján, bordering Sierra Blanca, the property sits within the national park of La Concha and overlooks every other property in the area. Featuring an indoor pool, spa, gymnasium, a self-contained apartment, garage space for at least 10 cars, nine bedrooms and bathrooms, home cinema, home automation, lift to all floors, and panoramic sea views from every level, the property promises to be one of a kind in the prestigious area of Cascada de Camoján.

What TM did:

The client approached us via the internet, expressing an interest in purchasing an investment property in the Marbella region. Several months after our initial contact, we were approached by a Dutch finance group to sell an unfinished structure, together with an adjacent plot, that belonged to one of their clients. We presented this opportunity to the client, who had been informed by another agent that the property had been sold. This was not correct, as although someone was close to buying the property, there was still an opportunity to acquire it. The challenge was it was difficult to act quickly since the deal was extremely complicated and time-consuming.

After visiting the property several times with the client and various architects and technicians to assess the possibilities, and following liaisons with the town hall as to what was needed to commence building work again, our client decided to make an offer to purchase the property, subject to various conditions. The finance company respected the time, effort, and money our client had committed to the potential purchase and agreed to a period of exclusivity to allow breathing space to conduct further due diligence before committing to the purchase. There were still several legal and planning issues which required greater clarity before our client could proceed. After three months of legal negotiations, we agreed terms with the finance company and secured the property for the client.

Thereafter, we assisted the client with the selection of an architect and building company, and following the granting of a building license by Marbella Town Council, work began to transform the current structure into an impressive modern dwelling. The work was completed six months ahead of schedule in summer 2016.

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Brand-new, modern villa in Cascada de Camoján, Marbella
South facing
Status: Construction completed ahead of schedule, summer 2016.

Stage 1: The existing structure 15-01-2017

These images of the existing structure of the house show the extent of construction that had been completed before the new project began: exterior and interior walls, with traditional mouldings, and the concrete roof structure.

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Stage 2: Adapting to the new design

The new design called for a series of adjustments to be made to the existing structure, including cutting new apertures into the basement to add light and the removal of traditional design elements in favour of a smoother, cleaner look. After waterproofing the concrete roof, tiles go on and areas of new brickwork provide additional […]

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Stage 3: Plastering and heating installation

Plastering work continues on both the exterior and inside the house, while the heating systems – fireplaces and hot-water underfloor heating – are installed throughout. Screed floors are subsequently laid, prior to finishing the interior flooring.

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Stage 4: Building the new basement

A new basement area was added to incorporate a larger indoor swimming pool, requiring significant groundwork and new construction adjacent to the existing building. This involved the building of retaining walls surrounding the house and additional reinforcement of the structure, using micropillars and beams.

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Stage 5: Building the outdoor pool and terrace

The steel mesh and formwork is put into place to form the walls of the new basement area. Once the concrete walls have been poured, the roof panels are dropped into place, which also serves as the terrace around the outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi. Waterproofing begins on the external basement wall.

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Stage 6: Finishing the pool and the new garage

With the outdoor pool structure now completed, preparation work begins on the terrace and garden around the pool. At the same time, the new garage on the entrance level is nearing completion. Waterproofing work continues on the new basement wall, overlooking the road below, and on the terrace.

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Stage 7: Finishing work begins

Seen from the street, the property looks almost complete, but plastering, painting, cladding, flooring, and carpintery work are still ongoing. Windowframes and glazing are now fitted in most of the house, work begins on terracing in the garden, and the bedrooms are now close to completion, with just a wooden floor to be laid in […]

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Stage 8: Laying the driveway, terraces, and preparing the garden

With building work on the exterior and interiors almost completed, and the floors laid both inside and out, work has moved on landscaping the garden and area immediately surrounding the house. This includes placing, by hand, thousands of cobbles on the entrance driveway and preparing the garden areas around the house for lawn to be […]

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Stage 9: Close to completion

The exterior of Villa Camoján is now almost completed, with just a few final finishing touches to put into place. Inside, work continues on the details, such as installing the glass balustrades on the feature double staircase. Both swimming pools, indoor and out, have now been tiled and are almost ready to be filled. You […]

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Stage 10: The finishing touches

The terraced lawns have now been laid, the indoor and outdoor swimming pools tiled from top to bottom, the marble on the terraces polished, and even the windows – and there are plenty of them – cleaned, as Villa Camoján nears completion. While it, undoubtedly, is a very imposing property, the landscaping and its placement […]

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Stage 11: Completed and ready to be lived in!

Ahead of schedule, Villa Camoján has now been completed and is just pending the last paperwork from Marbella Town Council before the lucky owner and his family can move in. The property has now been designer furnished throughout, decorated with a host of stunning details, and filled with some fantastic pieces of art. Every room […]

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