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Selling a rustic finca Joe Williams

Hello everyone,

I have several questions!

I am selling a finca on rustic land, do i still need to pay plus valia on rustic land? I have owned the property 29 years. Is there a website where I can calculate my plus valia, i live in Dernia.

The bank have valued my property higher than the price I am selling for, will I have to pay more taxes if the tax office thinks my property is worth more than I am selling for?

Thanks for your help, this is a great resource.


Inmaculada Domecq / TM Expert

Hi Joe,

if the finca is rustic the plusvalia should not apply. Plusvalia only applies if the land is urban land.

Inmaculada Domecq

Campbell D Ferguson

Hi Joe,

To find the minimum tax value for a property in Valencia, go to
Put in the information required and out comes the minimum value. It’s in Spanish, but look at it logically and you’ll manage. Remember that Spain transposes dots and commas in numbers compared to UK.
That value is also the one used for when you sell the property. If the selling price is less than that, the tax office accuses you of not declaring the actual price and fines you relating to the difference between the registered sale price and their estimate of value. It is possible to appeal, but that must be done very quickly after they send the tax and fine notice.
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