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I am looking for advice regarding a Golden Visa. My wife and I who are UK residents plan to spend more than 90 days in Spain at a time and in order to do this we were thinking of buying a property for approximately 550,000 (we understand the minimum investment for a visa is 500,000 euros). Is this amount plus tax or does it include taxes? Would both me and my wife be eligible for the visa, could we both stay for longer than 90 days? How does it work?

Blanca Loring / TM Expert

If you have UK nationality and you are married under separate assets marriage economic regime, only one of you should make the net investment of 500.000 eur (not including taxes) free of mortgage in order to qualify for the residency permit as an investor (golden visa) and the other could be reagroup with the residency permit as the relative of an investor.

lucy grangier

can you explain the difference between a golden visa and a non lucrative visa please?

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