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Choosing a builder David Rodriguez

I am looking to build a new villa in Spain and would like some advice as to how to choose a builder?

Adam Neale / TM Expert

Hi David,

Do you already have an architect and a design?

It depends on the size of the property you wish to build as to the contractors you approach.

There are many contractors here ranging from the biggest such as B.Solis and Jamena down to contractors who employ only a few men directly.

The size of your build will determine the type of contractors you should be approaching.

The main things you will need to be asking is the number of direct employees they have, their turnover, the number of similar size properties they undertake per year and most important of all references. If it is possible to meet Clients of completed projects all the better.

lucy grangier

Are there any legal checks i can do online? What sort of checks can i do on the building company?

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