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marketing your property

Marketing your property

If you’re thinking about selling your property in Spain, we can help you reach millions of potential buyers all around the world. With more than 14 years’ experience selling and letting all kinds of property on the Costa del Sol, Terra Meridiana has grown to become one of the leading real-estate agencies serving premium locations across southern Spain.

Adam Neale | October 16, 2018

health care

Healthcare in Sotogrande

As elsewhere on the Costa del Sol, healthcare services in Sotogrande are well-established and provide a very high level of medical care that ranges from clinics and pharmacies to dentists and highly qualified and specialised doctors. Below is a summary of the medical services available in Sotogrande and immediate surroundings.

Adam Neale |

Los Monteros welcomes a luxury Four Seasons Resort

To experts of luxury resort hotel accommodation, it comes as little surprise that the exclusive 400,000 square metre resort belonging to the luxury Four Seasons chain is now coming to Marbella. Marbella is after all a leading luxury tourism destination!

Adam Neale | October 9, 2018

Multi-family homes boost Spain’s property recovery

The ‘multi-family’ residential property market is a sub-sector of the European market and one that is attracting significant investor interest in Spain.

Adam Neale |

Spanish tax office

Income Tax for Non Resident Homeowners

If you are a foreign citizen but a non-resident homeowner in Spain there is a tax that applies to you: Non-Resident Income Tax. In this case it’s not based on income from any activities other than those related to your property in Spain, including mainly rental income derived from it, but also from the ownership in its own right.

Adam Neale | October 2, 2018

The complex implications of Spanish residency and taxation

Issues surrounding residency and taxation are naturally significant to any overseas buyer purchasing a property in Spain.  Ultimately one wants to avoid Double Taxation (CDI) and maximise the use of the treaties between Spain and other countries to reduce your tax burden. The first important point to note is that even if you don’t register […]

Adam Neale |