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The costs of developing a new property on the Costa del Sol

This is the final part of a short series on developing property on the Costa del Sol, reviewing the costs, fees, and taxes a vendor has to pay, before starting work, during the build, and at the time of sale.

Adam Neale | August 22, 2018

Richard Parfitt and Family: Why we built our own luxury home in Sotogrande?

“THERE is a lot of work involved but it is all part of the fun,” explains Richard Parfitt as he relates his experience of building his own home in Spain.

Adam Neale | August 20, 2018

Keep up to date with all our latest developments on the Costa del Sol

You can watch how work progresses from month to month on the various build projects being constructed on behalf of our clients in the premium areas we cover on the Costa del Sol. We regularly post case studies  in the develop and build section of our website, with photographic updates of the progress on build projects that we […]

Adam Neale |

Sotogrande Alto, Sotogrande Costa: what’s the difference?

If you’ve recently become acquainted with Sotogrande, then you might have heard references to the alto (high) and costa (coastal) areas. But just what exactly is the difference?

Adam Neale | August 13, 2018

The costs of selling a property on the Costa del Sol

If you own a property on the Costa del Sol that you are thinking of selling, it’s worth doing some research before you set a price and put it on the market to work out how much the sale will cost you.

Adam Neale | August 9, 2018

Scaling Marbella’s very own mountain, La Concha

High above the hustle and bustle of Marbella and San Pedro a tall mountain, La Concha stands proud. As well as forming a key element to the impressive scenery of the Costa del Sol, this peak is the endpoint of a pleasant three-hour hike that is highly recommended to confident walkers during autumn, winter or spring.

Adam Neale | August 8, 2018