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Estepona’s Fun Port

Estepona residents generally agree on the fact that the town has two centres: there is the olde worlde charm of the Old Town and the more pleasure-seeking thrills to be found around the area of the marina, or Puerto Deportivo.

Estepona Port

The port itself is fascinating since, combined with the kind of attractions that one would anticipate in a place where tourism forms a major part of the economy, this is a working fishing port. Therefore, it is a great place to visit for lunch or dinner; apart from the many excellent cafés, bars and restaurants that line the streets in the area, there is also a wonderfully rustic fisherman’s restaurant. This serves fresh fish and seafood that has been unloaded from the local fleet and delivered straight to the kitchens. The menu varies every day, depending on what is available and it is one of the best places to enjoy fresh fish at its best – that is, straight from the plancha (grill) and served with just a few drops of lemon juice.

A good ten-minute walk from Estepona Old Town, the marina is always especially busy on Sundays, since it is the location of the town’s weekly rastro, or flea market. From early in the morning until about two in the afternoon, the streets are lined with stalls selling everything from gorgeous homemade jewellery to lush Moroccan carpets. Many of the stallholders hail from North Africa and expect customers to haggle, so don’t automatically pay the first amount mentioned.

Just across the road from the port is the town’s bullring, famously designed by architect Juan Mora Urbano. Although these days it is more commonly used as a venue for live events, locals have become used to visiting Estepona’s Plaza de Toros to see cinema, opera, ballet and international acts such as Deep Purple. It is a wonderful place to be on a summer evening and the traditional seating means that everyone is guaranteed a good view of the action. Do remember to bring a cushion though, as those stone seats can be uncomfortable. The Plaza de Toros also houses three museums: the Bullfighting, Estepona Town and Paleontology Museum.

If you are staying in the charming Estepona Old Town, make sure that you return to the port in the evening because it is the perfect place to sample some of the local cuisine and watch the sun set. Then why not finish your day with a pacharán, the liqueur that is the flavour of Spain in a glass?

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By Adam Neale | Property News | March 27th, 2017

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