Develop & Build your own home

Over the last few years, in response to growing demand, we’ve created a tailor-made, personalised service, designed to suit private individuals and investors who wish to build and develop their own properties. We build and develop a relationship with our clients, allowing them to relax in the knowledge they are in safe hands.

We don’t just look after every aspect of the property to be built – from long before construction work begins until well after the keys are handed over – but we put ourselves in our client’s place, take his or her’s interests to heart, and deal with all the details that, otherwise, he or she would be forced to deal with on a daily basis.

Our services to developers and self-builders

Terra Meridiana helps with the entire construction and development cycle: from finding and buying the right plot, to selecting reliable, experienced architects and builders, to project managing throughout the build, to snagging and furnishing the completed build, to marketing the property and managing the sales process. No project is too large or too small.

In addition to assisting with the building of new homes, we can also lend a hand with all kinds of improvement work, from smaller jobs like installing a new bathroom or kitchen or large-scale projects, like extending or fully renovating an existing property.

While we don’t offer traditional project management – we believe other people are better qualified to do that job, as well as a wide range of more specialized roles – the value we offer clients is to provide a trusted person to talk to, who represents their interests.

Why building your own home – for holidays, investment or as a permanent residence – makes sense

Clients decide to build, rather than buy, a new property for any number of reasons, but perhaps the most common one is that they have looked and failed to find the perfect home to suit their needs. In the current market, there is a general shortage of new, quality property on sale and, consequently, a lack of choice.

Sometimes a client has searched the market and, in fact, found a great house to buy, but the plot leaves something to be desired (it may not be sufficiently private or might not have the view and exposure to the sun they require). Alternatively, others have found the ideal plot, but can’t live with the existing property.

For this kind of client, finding the perfect plot and partners to design and build a new holiday, permanent, or investment property means being able to choose exactly what they want in a home, depending on how much they want to spend and how much space they need.

In the long term, capital invested wisely in an appreciating asset, like land, to which value has been added, with a new build, adds up to a very safe investment. In today’s market, there are plenty of tired and outdated properties available, but demand for new homes, with the latest luxury amenities, is greater than we have ever seen during the last decade.

If you are interested in building your own home, or improving one you already own, ask us about all the services we can offer to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Here are some of our projects:

Completed Projects